smexadmin • 19 Aug 2016

The New Tasharuk Is Live!

With many tools emerging everyday, resource-strapped organizations and activists are finding it challenging to make use of them all, in…

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smexadmin • 13 Jul 2016

Digital Citizen 4.5

Feature image via U.S army: Iraqi school students, Basra University. SPOTLIGHT ON INTERNET SHUTDOWNS In early June, Algeria’s Baccalaureate exams…

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smexadmin • 09 Jun 2016

“Net-Wasel” Digital Rights Podcasts

Feature image via Podcasting” by Nicolas Solop CC BY 2.0. SMEX is pleased to announce the launch of its Arabic-language…

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smexadmin • 01 Dec 2015

Citoyen Numérique 4.0

Digital Citizen, ou le Citoyen Numérique, est une revue bimensuelle sur l’actualité, les politiques et les recherches sur les droits…

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smexadmin • 24 Nov 2015

New Site Tracks Global Online Censorship by Social Media Platforms

As it happens, governments, like Lebanon’s, are not the only ones censoring online expression. Internet companies, including Facebook, Twitter, and…

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smexadmin • 18 Nov 2015

After Blasts That Killed 43 People, Lebanon Asks: ‘What About Us?’

Feature image via Twitter @zahri_abbas: The Beirut blasts, claimed by ISIS, killed 43 people. After the deadly Beirut blasts, friends…

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smexadmin • 16 Nov 2015

How to add a flag to your Facebook profile picture?

If you’ve been active on social media in the past four days, you probably know about the tragedies that have…

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