Aksel Eck • 14 Mar 2024

Mapping Tech Companies’ Cloud Expansion in the Gulf and its Human Rights Implications

Since 2018, an increasing number of companies, mainly from the U.S. and China, launched cloud regions and data centers in…

SMEX • 30 Jan 2024

Research: Searching for Signal – Lebanon’s Telecom Project

Executive Summary The Telecommunication (Telecom) sector in Lebanon, often dubbed the country’s “oil,” historically stood as the third-largest revenue-generating sector,…

Ali Sibai • 10 Nov 2023

Palestine unplugged: how Israel disrupts Gaza’s internet

TABLE OF CONTENTS: Content note: The following post contains references to violence and war. Since October 9, the 2.3 million…

Sarah Cupler • 26 May 2023

A Brief Overview of AI Use in WANA

Governments and private sectors in West Asia and North Africa are calling to employ AI to strengthen their economies and…

SMEX • 02 Mar 2023

SMEX Launches the Inaugural Mariam Al-Shafei Fellowship on Technology and Human Rights 2023

SMEX launched the inaugural Mariam Al-Shafei Fellowship on Technology and Human Rights in November 2022 to bring new minds and…

Zeinab Ismail • 03 Jan 2023

Etisalat and Ooredoo: Ranking last for the fifth year in a row!

For the fifth year in a row, UAE’s Etisalat and Qatar’s Ooerdoo have ranked in the bottom two places in…

SMEX • 15 Dec 2022

Red Card on Digital Rights: A summary of Qatar’s foul plays

It’s been three weeks since the start of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, and even if football matches…

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