Feature image via literalis.net: Podcasting” by Nicolas Solop CC BY 2.0.

SMEX is pleased to announce the launch of its Arabic-language digital rights podcast series under the name of “Net-Wasel” or نِت-وَاصِل which means “to be connected through the Internet”. It will be presented by the blogger and digital media trainer Khodor Salameh.

In spite of the significant growth of Internet penetration in Arab countries and the impact of digital rights issues on the use of digital tools and technologies, these topics are rarely the subject of in-depth discussions in schools or universities or in the media.

This has left Arab youth in particular without information they need to be able to exercise their digital rights safely and securely in online spaces.
For example, we hear many questions from young people such as how to protect their personal data online, how to secure their devices, how to verify information, and how to avoid making defamatory statements, among others.

To try to bridge this knowledge gap, SMEX is working, with support from the Aswatona Fund for Media Development, to broaden understanding of the rights to which users are entitled in online spaces and over digital networks through this series of podcasts.

Each episode addresses a certain digital rights issue, such as the right to access the Internet and information and the right to privacy; how to avoid and respond to online harassment; and the need for more and higher-quality Arabic-language digital content. The podcasts also aim to help listeners gain a deeper understanding of the laws and policies that govern online spaces both in the Arab world and globally.

Starting Monday June 13, the podcast will be broadcast every week on the SMEX SoundCloud channel for six weeks. In the meantime, you can get a sneak preview and give feedback on the first episode now! If you have a radio show and would like to host the podcast on your channel, please get in touch.

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