How to add a flag to your Facebook profile picture?

If you’ve been active on social media in the past four days, you probably know about the tragedies that have struck all over the world in the last week. You’ve likely also noticed that people are showing their support and solidarity by overlaying a flag on their Facebook profile pictures.

This feature has sparked some controversy among those who find it hypocritical for Lebanese people to post photos with the French flag, and not the Lebanese one. Nonetheless, the gesture is a beautiful one, and this is the easiest way you can do it yourself:

  1. Start by going to
    • Welcome to the land of all flag profile pictures! Just select the Lebanese flag, or the flag of the country you want to show in your picture. (Bonus: If you want to show you care about both France and Lebanon, you can choose one of the two, then click “Show unity with two flags”, and select the other! In this case, you’ll end up with the French flag, featuring a cedar in its center.)
    • You are now looking at a picture of a ram, superimposed with your flag of choice. To fix this, just click “Use different photo” and upload whichever photo you like, and then click “go”.
  1. Almost done! Now all you have to do is click “Post on your Facebook wall” or “Make this photo your Facebook profile picture” to release it into the world. However, if you’re not quite satisfied, you can always have some fun with the photo editing options on the left side panel of your screen.

That’s all it takes, folks! We hope this helped, and good on you for showing your love to whichever country you choose!

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