The New Tasharuk Is Live!

With many tools emerging everyday, resource-strapped organizations and activists are finding it challenging to make use of them all, in ways that would leverage their performance, develop core competencies, and simplify the complex issues that they regularly deal with.

The Tasharuk platform has been providing a rich collaborative knowledge library of such tools in one online space. Since 2013, it has been offering more than 1,300 Arabic and English high-quality guides, manuals, reports, instructional videos, online courses, laws, and other resources produced by more than 100 publishers around the world. Whether it was a guide for community engagement, a manual for using social media for social change or document on internet governance, activists, journalists and civil society organizations can share and use widely available tools in more than 16 categories.

Today, Tasharuk goes live with a new look and a better experience. Since Tasharuk is based on collaboration, it now features partner organizations on its  homepage. They also have their own dedicated pages to present themselves and publish resources of their choice.

In addition, Tasharuk has become multilingual. Besides the already available Arabic and English resources, the new platform now integrates a Farsi version.

Moreover, to provide a better search experience, we have improved the website’s structure. The resources are now divided into 16 main categories, which include: Social Media for Social Change, Digital Safety and Security, Citizen Journalism, Open Government, Sexuality and Gender Online, Technology for Peace, among others. Tags can be used, making search easier than before, where users can write keywords to receive more specific search results. Plus, with the new Tasharuk, users can share a whole category of resources, not only individual resources. You can also see Tweets from the Tasharuk Twitter account, as they are now embedded in the website.

Finally, Tasharuk also looks brighter. A new and fresher skin has been introduced, supported with vivid illustrations, colors and layout designs throughout the website. Together, these changes will make the Tasharuk user experience more enjoyable and easily rewarding.

Check out the new Tasharuk to find and share resources of your choice.

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