SMEX advances digital rights
in West Asia and North Africa.

Who we are

SMEX is a non-profit that advocates for and advances human rights in digital spaces across West Asia and North Africa.

Our Vision

Our vision is for everyone living in WANA and the diaspora to be able to access and engage with the internet, mobile services, and other networked spaces safely and without fear of censorship, surveillance, or repercussion.

Our mission

We advance digital rights in the West Asia and North Africa region through research, campaigns, and advocacy. We encourage users to engage with digital technology, media, and social networks responsibly and critically.

What we do

Our Digital Safety Helpdesk assists internet users facing digital threats in the region


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Latest Articles

Latest news at the intersection of technology and human rights in WANA.

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“Are you interested in connecting to the internet without a physical SIM card?” A video circulating in Lebanon discusses how…

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Muslims’ pilgrimage season (Hajj) was marked by the extensive use of 32 modern technologies by Saudi authorities to facilitate the…

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Following the Oversight Board’s Policy Advisory Opinion (PAO) on the use of the term “shaheed,” Meta published its response to…

How is South Lebanon coping with limited internet and communications...

After over seven months of Israeli bombardment in South Lebanon, Caretaker Minister of Communications Johnny Corm finally mandated cellular companies…

Jordanian authorities crack down on online speech during the war...

Renewed and widespread controversy has erupted in Jordan over how to balance protecting people’s security with guaranteeing their right to…

Restricting sexual and reproductive health rights (SRHR) in Egypt sparks...

“I thought I knew a lot about sexual education and that I was immune to ignorance,” said Sarah Mahmoud. “I…

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