SMEX • 12 Jul 2023

Down for Nothing? Shutdowns during Exams in the Middle East and North Africa [Bread&Net 2022]

The session “Down for Nothing? Shutdowns during Exams in the Middle East and North Africa” was held as part of…

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Madleine Balesi • 14 Sep 2022

How to safely record a witness video?

Phones have become a viable tool for recording violence and injustice around the world. In many cases, posting online helps…

  • Human Rights
  • Privacy
  • Safety
SMEX • 16 Aug 2022

Billions in Squandered Funds: Court of Audit Report on the Telecom Sector in Lebanon

  • Audit Bureau
  • Corruption
  • Lebanon
Julia Bacardit Cruells • 15 Oct 2021

The Digital Safety Helpdesk at SMEX

In April 2020, SMEX launched the Digital Safety Helpdesk to support internet users, activists, journalists, bloggers, and human rights organizations…

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SMEX • 05 May 2021

Covid-19 and Social Control in Lebanon [Report]

The Lebanese government’s response to Covid-19 was deeply affected by the failing economy and political unrest, both of which the…

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  • Covid-19
  • Lebanon
SMEX • 15 Feb 2021

Data Protection and Privacy Laws In MENA: A Case Study Of Covid-19 Contact Tracing Apps [Report]

This report analyzes data protection and privacy laws in Qatar, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, and Kuwait. Joey Shea, a…

  • Bahrain
  • Contact Tracing
  • Contact Tracing Apps
SMEX • 01 Feb 2021

Device Seizures in Lebanon: Assessing the Legal Framework concerning device seizures [Report]

We have witnessed in the last couple of years a striking increase in the number of devices seized by security…

  • Device Seizures in Lebanon
  • Digital Surveillance
  • E-Transactions and Personal Data Law