smexadmin • 14 Sep 2015

Turning Laws into Data on Arab Digital Rights

Have you ever wondered how many anti-cybercrime laws are in force in Arab countries? What about anti-terror laws? Or how many…

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smexadmin • 10 Sep 2015

Lebanon: It’s time to turn your international position on privacy into action at the national level

Lebanon was part of the drafting committee for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and by co-sponsoring both UN General…

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smexadmin • 26 Mar 2015

Mapping blocked websites in Lebanon 2015

Feature image via: We published last year about blocked websites in Lebanon, you can check the old data base here. This…

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smexadmin • 25 Mar 2015

Joint Statement from Civil Society to Technology Companies for Expanded Transparency Reports

Feature image via: The undersigned organizations:  Arlan, Kazakhstan Bolo Bhi, Pakistan Foundation for Media Alternatives, Philippines Fundacion Karisma, Colombia…

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smexadmin • 18 Mar 2015

Call for Applications: Researching Internet Policy for Advocacy in MENA

Feature image via WSIS Forum 2013 – Multi-Stakeholder approach to Governance of the Internet (ICANN). Courtesy ITU/Claudio Montesano Casillas….

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smexadmin • 27 Feb 2015

Digital Citizen 2.4

Feature image via Maya-Anaïs Yataghène “I am Charlie … and I am Muslim.”  Digital Citizen has been re-published from Global Voices. Digital…

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smexadmin • 09 Feb 2015

Digital Citizen 2.3

 Digital Citizen has been re-published from Global Voices. Digital Citizen is a biweekly review of news, policy, and research on human rights…

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