smexadmin • 02 Nov 2018

Internet in Lebanon Remains “Partly Free”

Feature image via Freedom House, November 2018: A map of Freedom House’s “Internet Freedom” rankings. In collaboration with Freedom House,…

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smexadmin • 11 Oct 2018

An “Ugly” New Data Protection Law in Lebanon

Feature image via the Daily Star, August 2018: An “Ugly” New Data Protection Law in Lebanon. The English translation of…

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smexadmin • 26 Jul 2018

New Elections Study Shows Less than 2% of Overall Electoral Speech on Social Media Was Negative

 Feature image April 2018: A screenshot of the API used to track social media posts. SMEX and LADE collaborated to…

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smexadmin • 20 Jul 2018

Iraqi Government Shuts Down the Internet Amidst Protests

Last week, protests broke out in Basra and quickly spread across southern Iraq. On Saturday, the Iraqi government began intermittently shutting…

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smexadmin • 24 May 2018

Facebook Restricts Access to Content in Lebanon For the First Time

Feature image via facebook May 15, 2018: A bar graph shows newest Transparency report displaying the number of content restrictions…

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smexadmin • 06 Feb 2018

State of Privacy Lebanon

[leap_iframe width=”100%” height=”400px” scrolling=”yes” url=””] As part of an ongoing collaboration with Privacy International, SMEX produced ”State of Privacy Lebanon,” a…

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smexadmin • 08 Dec 2017

Internet Shutdown in Yemen: Recurring Disruptions Threaten Civilian Safety, Human Rights, and Press Freedom

Feature image: Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) Data depicts the outage of the internet in Yemen on the night of Thursday,…

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