smexadmin • 05 Oct 2018

Mobile internet speeds up the Arab countries, but fixed broadband lags behind

 Feature image via Oakla: The internet speed chart in August – Lebanon.  Yet, it is interesting that many of the Arab…

smexadmin • 26 Jul 2018

New Elections Study Shows Less than 2% of Overall Electoral Speech on Social Media Was Negative

 Feature image April 2018: A screenshot of the API used to track social media posts. SMEX and LADE collaborated to…

smexadmin • 24 Jan 2018

Dependent Yet Disenfranchised: The Policy Void That Threatens the Rights of Mobile Users in Arab States

[leap_iframe width=”100%” height=”500px” scrolling=”yes” url=””]   In the context of growing government control of mobile networks and a lack of…

smexadmin • 24 Jan 2018

Human Rights Organizations Call for Investigation Into Arbitrary Surveillance Program in Lebanon

Feature image via Bryce Durbin/TechCrunch: A large watchful eye observes as three laptops display information on their screens.  (Beirut) –…

smexadmin • 17 Jun 2016

Digital Citizen 4.4

Feature image via Citizen Lab: Tag cloud of bait content topics used by Stealth Falcon showing a strong emphasis on…

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