Nourhanne Charaf Eddine • 03 Jun 2024

Data on a Silver Platter: How Israel Hits Precise Targets in Lebanon

Over the past seven months, the Israeli occupation has precisely targeted people, houses, and vehicles in South Lebanon and Beirut’s…

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Safaa Ayyad • 30 Jan 2024

Lebanon: Mass Data Breaches, Government Unable to Protect Citizens’ Privacy

Within one week, several cases of personal data breaches affecting Lebanese citizens have been reported, the most flagrant of which…

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SMEX • 27 Jan 2021

The Future of Biometrics and Digital ID in Lebanon: Assessing Proposed Systems for Elections and Social Assistance [Report]

In Lebanon, passports, drivers’ licenses, work permits, residency permits, and humanitarian aid all use systems that require biometric data, such…

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