Nourhanne Charaf Eddine • 03 Jun 2024

Data on a Silver Platter: How Israel Hits Precise Targets in Lebanon

Over the past seven months, the Israeli occupation has precisely targeted people, houses, and vehicles in South Lebanon and Beirut’s…

  • car plates
  • data leaks
  • Hacking
Abed Kataya • 08 May 2024

Pedophilia via TikTok in Lebanon: Who is Responsible?

Rage swept Lebanon when news broke out that networks active on TikTok are luring minors to blackmail and sexually assault…

  • Lebanon
  • Recomendations
  • TikTok
Safaa Ayyad • 17 Apr 2024

Content Streaming via an Ogero App: Who benefits from OTT in Lebanon?

Last November, Lebanon’s Council of Ministers added an item to the agenda to grant Ogero, the country’s primary provider of…

  • DSL
  • IPTV
  • Lebanon
SMEX • 08 Mar 2024

Digital wallets on hold in Lebanon, telecom minister stalling decisions

The Public Procurement Authority has halted efforts by Alfa (one of Lebanon’s state-owned mobile operators) to conclude a direct contract…

  • e-wallets
  • Lebanon
  • minister of telecommunications
Safaa Ayyad • 04 Mar 2024

80% of Women in Lebanon Face Digital Violence

Last March, UN Women Representative in Lebanon Rachel Dore-Weeks stated that female candidates to the parliamentary elections in Lebanon faced…

  • Hacking
  • Lebanon
  • Women
Metehan Durmaz • 27 Feb 2024

How Israel’s GPS jamming endangers civil aviation and maritime routes

The relentless Israeli bombardment of Gaza has caused loss of communications for prolonged periods, including total internet shutdowns and the…

  • GPS
  • Israel
  • jamming
Abed Kataya • 15 Feb 2024

Privacy and security at risk: Lebanese security agencies accessing the mobile telecom’s network performance system

While mobile operators use the network monitoring system to keep up the quality of service and follow up on users’…

  • Astellia
  • Lebanon
  • Ministry Of Telecommunications