Afnan Abu Yahya • 12 Oct 2023

From Shutting Down Telecom Networks to Targeting Journalists: How “Israel” is destroying Gaza’s digital infrastructure

Operation Al-Aqsa Flood, during which resistance fighters stormed Zionist settlements around Gaza in a secretly planned and flawlessly executed attack,…

  • Freedom Of Speech
  • Gaza
  • Israeli occupation
Safaa Ayyad • 30 Aug 2023

Arrested Humor: Nour Hajjar’s Case

Lebanon’s crackdown on freedom of opinion and expression shows no signs of abating. From journalists, activists, and even lawyers, the…

  • Freedom of Expression
  • Freedom Of Speech
  • Ghassab Oueidat
Salam Freihat • 30 Aug 2023

Jordan’s Cybercrime Law to Limit Investments and E-Commerce

In a strategic leap, Jordan’s government embraced the National E-Commerce Strategy in April 2023, pursuing a “competitive and globally recognized…

  • Cybercrime Law
  • Freedom Of Speech
  • Investments
SMEX • 07 Aug 2023

UAE: Release all those unjustly imprisoned before COP28

Authorities in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) should release all those unjustly imprisoned in the country before the start of…

  • Ahmed Mansoor
  • Amina Al-Abdouli
  • COP28
Najla Ben Salah • 21 Mar 2023

Martial Courts on Facebook Against Critics of the Tunisian President

After Tunisian journalists gathered to protest government restrictions on freedom of expression, loyalists to the Tunisian President Kais Saied launched…

  • Defamation Campaigns
  • Facebook
  • Freedom Of Speech
SMEX • 20 Mar 2023

Open letter to the Iraqi Communications and Media Commission: Drop the draft regulation of digital content and protect freedom of expression online

March 16, 2023 To the Communications and Media Commission of Iraq (CMC) Baghdad, Iraq   Subject: Regarding the Draft Regulation…

  • Balgh
  • Communications and Media Commission of Iraq
  • Freedom Of Expression
SMEX • 03 Mar 2023

Joint Statement: Iraqi authorities must cease their chilling crackdown on free speech

We, the undersigned organizations, express our deepest concern regarding the Iraqi authorities’ recent campaign to crack down on “indecent content”…

  • Balgh
  • Freedom Of Expression
  • Freedom Of Speech