Omar Daouk • 23 Sep 2021

RDR Corporate Accountability Index: Tech Companies in the Region Have Unregulated Power

Advancements in technology in the past decade have led tech companies to wield unprecedented power over the online sphere. Despite…

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  • Etisalat
SMEX • 28 May 2021

Saudi Arabia: Google Should Halt Plans to Establish Cloud Region

Joint Statement by Human Rights and Digital Privacy Rights Organizations The undersigned human rights and digital rights organizations urge Google…

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Eline Labey • 12 May 2021

Part I: What do social media platforms and the Russian company Nornickel have in common? In search of a form of international liability for legal persons. [Opinion]

PART I How do Donald Trump’s banishment from social media, the removal of Syrian war videos, and a major leak…

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Marianne Rahme • 30 Apr 2021

Google Cloud’s Data Center in KSA raises data privacy concerns in the region

In a decision to expand their global network with new cloud regions, Google announced in December 2020 that Google Cloud…

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Mohammad Moghabat • 18 Feb 2021

Big Techs’ Community Standards: Uncontrolled [Opinion]

There is no doubt that the power Big Techs possess over society is “big.” It is ironic how a deregulated…

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Jad Fawaz • 24 Feb 2020

Lebanese ISPs Lack Transparency

SMEX recently conducted research to assess the transparency of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Lebanon. Upon gathering information regarding licensed…

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  • Business and human rights
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smexadmin • 17 May 2018

Mauritanian Activists Accuse Telecom Company Mauritel of Abuse of Power

Mauritanian activists accused local telecom operator Mauritel of reporting some of their accounts on social media. This move, they say,…

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