smexadmin • 08 Dec 2017

Internet Shutdown in Yemen: Recurring Disruptions Threaten Civilian Safety, Human Rights, and Press Freedom

Feature image: Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) Data depicts the outage of the internet in Yemen on the night of Thursday,…

  • Civilian Safety
  • Freedom Of Expression
  • Houthis
smexadmin • 26 May 2017

Lebanon: Authorities Failing to Protect Freedom of Expression

Lebanese authorities are failing to abide by their obligations to protect individuals from unfair trials and to ensure their right…

  • Censorship
  • Freedom Of Expression
  • Human Rights
smexadmin • 06 Feb 2017

A Statement Demanding the Release of Hassan Saad

On Saturday, Jan. 28, 2017, the Lebanese Army Intelligence arrested a young man named Hassan Saad after summoning him for…

  • Censorship
  • Freedom Of Expression
  • Hassan Saad
smexadmin • 16 May 2016

Egypt: Death Penalty Possible for Cybercrime

Feature image via Monasosh Flickr.       The Committee of Suggestions and Complaints in the Egyptian parliament accepted and…

  • Crimes
  • Cybercrime Law
  • Death Penalty
smexadmin • 01 May 2016

Considering Countering Violent Extremism in Lebanon

Over the past two years, the strategic use of social media platforms by groups like ISIL has prompted widespread calls…

  • Account Removal
  • Censorship
  • Extremist Content
smexadmin • 25 Dec 2015

The unwritten laws of the Arab Internet

Feature image: Panel of workshop “Freedom of Expression on the Internet in the Arab Region and Their Impact on Human…

  • Arab Region
  • Censorship
  • Digital Freedom
smexadmin • 18 Nov 2015

Global Voices’ Hisham Almiraat Faces Trial in Morocco

Feature image via Ellery Biddle Morocco in October 2013 : Hisham Almiraat in his home city of El Jadida. Claudio…

  • Global Voices
  • Hisham Almiraat
  • Human Rights