SMEX • 10 Jun 2019

Sudan junta shuts down Internet to cover-up horrific human rights violations

Following the massacre of peaceful protesters at a sit-in near the Army Headquarters in Khartoum on June 2nd, Sudan’s Transitional…

  • #KeepItOn
  • Human Rights
  • Internet access
SMEX • 23 Jan 2019

Statement: Block of Grindr App in Lebanon

On Friday, January 18th, reports indicated that Grindr, a popular online dating application used by LGBTI individuals, had been blocked…

  • Blocking Websites
  • Digital Rights
  • Grindr
smexadmin • 30 Nov 2018

Online Privacy Threats to Women and LGBTIQ Communities in Lebanon

As part of the 16 Days Against Gender Based Violence, we are releasing our new report “Online Privacy Threats to…

  • Human Rights
  • Lebanon
smexadmin • 14 May 2018

Gulf Countries Use Canadian Filtering Technology to Block Entire Categories of Websites

Researchers revealed in April that internet filtering technologies produced by Netsweeper, an Ontario-based technology company with offices in the UAE…

  • Block Websites
  • Canada
  • Gulf Countries
smexadmin • 03 Apr 2018

Now, Who’s Afraid of Online Speech?

In Tunisia and Bahrain, government officials are pushing for laws that would further restrict online freedom of expression in both…

  • Bahrain
  • Bill Calling
  • Human Rights
smexadmin • 31 Mar 2018

With Its Government’s Blessing, a French Company Has Sold Spying Tools to Egypt

The administration of Egyptian president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi bought surveillance technologies from the French cybersecurity company Ercom in 2014, according…

  • Egyptian President El-Sisi
  • French Cybersecurity Company Ercom
  • French Government
smexadmin • 16 Mar 2018

Message from Afrin: We Can’t Wait for a Shutdown to Condemn Network Disruptions in Times of War

Feature image via YPG spokesperson: Afrin under the Turkish and Free Syrian Army bombardment. March 14, 2018.  On Sunday, March…

  • Afrin
  • Human Rights
  • Internet Shutdowns