Abdellatif el-Hamamouchi • 09 Feb 2021

Smear Campaigns and Extortions: Weapons to Silence Opposition in Morocco

The life of Moroccan police officer Wahiba Khourchech was turned upside down after exposing her boss for stalking and intimidation….

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SMEX • 21 Jan 2021

Statement from global civil society on the impact of Facebook, Google and Twitter: Concern for democracy and human rights must not end at the US’s borders

We are organisations working globally to strengthen democracy and human rights. Today we are demanding that Facebook, Google, and Twitter…

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Abdellatif el-Hamamouchi • 25 Nov 2020

How Israeli Company NSO Hacked My Phone

Almost a year ago, on October 29, I received a WhatsApp notification informing me that Israeli spyware Pegasus had hacked…

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SMEX • 15 Oct 2019

Iraqi lawyer sues the Minister of Telecommunications for Shutting Down the Internet During Protests

On Wednesday, October 9, Iraqi lawyer Mohammed Joumaa filed a lawsuit against the Iraqi minister of telecommunications for disrupting and shutting…

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  • Human Rights
SMEX • 07 Aug 2019

From Factories To Apps: Capitalism Keeps Revolutionizing The Way We Live, Socialize, And Work.

This article has also appeared on MIT Enterprise Forum Pan Arab’s website. Arrived at Toronto union station on a cold…

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SMEX • 28 Jun 2019

Social Responsibility Is A Business Matter: A Guide For Tech SMEs In Lebanon

In Lebanon, telcos and major tech companies tend to impact users’ privacy and freedom of expression. A 2018 SMEX report…

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SMEX • 10 Jun 2019

Sudan junta shuts down Internet to cover-up horrific human rights violations

Following the massacre of peaceful protesters at a sit-in near the Army Headquarters in Khartoum on June 2nd, Sudan’s Transitional…

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