Abed Kataya • 26 Oct 2021

Referring Telecom Data to Security Agencies Breaches the Lebanese Law

On October 4, Lebanese Annahar Daily reported that the latest Lebanese Prime Minister formed a ministerial committee to “look into…

Abed Kataya • 21 Sep 2021

Facebook’s Moderation ‘Mistakes’ Silence Palestinian Voices

On September 14, Facebook’s Oversight Board issued a decision to restore a post originally published by Al-Jazeera’s Facebook page, featuring…

Abed Kataya • 07 Sep 2021

What is the fate of Lebanon’s (.lb) domains?

On August 24, 2021, the technology community in Lebanon woke up to the alarming news of a “digital disaster,” announcing…

Abed Kataya • 09 Apr 2021

Public Engagement on Drones-Related Order in Tunis: A Promising Initiative

  On February 16, the Tunisian Minister of Transport and Logistics, Moez Chakchouk, announced the launch of public consultations on…

Abed Kataya • 11 Jan 2021

A New (Non-)Privacy Policy from WhatsApp? [A comparison between messaging applications]

Tech and media companies are exploiting free, popular apps to increase their access to  personal data; and WhatsApp has just…

Abed Kataya • 25 Sep 2020

Content Moderation Bias: Zoom, Facebook, and YouTube Cancel Leila Khaled

On September 23, Zoom cancelled a virtual event featuring the Palestinian Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine’s (PFLP) veteran…

Abed Kataya • 31 Aug 2020

How The Global Internet Disruption Affected Lebanon

On Sunday afternoon, Lebanese internet users reported an internet disruption that made it almost impossible to access platforms like Twitter….