Zeinab Ismail • 20 Mar 2024

Saudi Authorities Monopolize Media and Advertising Discourse “by Law”

Through global forums and media, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been keen on spreading progressive discourse in an effort…

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SMEX • 03 Jul 2023

Join us in Beirut this November for Bread&Net, a three-day unconference that will delve into critical themes at the intersection…

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SMEX • 12 Jun 2023

The CYRILLA Collaborative: Call for Proposals

OVERVIEW OF THE CYRILLA COLLABORATIVE The CYRILLA Collaborative is a global initiative that seeks to map and analyze the evolution…

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SMEX • 28 Apr 2023

Sudan: Internet Shutdowns Fuel Human Rights Abuses

Internet in Sudan has been shut down intermittently amid armed clashes between the Sudanese army, led by Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan,…

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SMEX • 22 Feb 2023

Digital Safety Helpdesk Expands beyond West Asia and North Africa

For the second year in a row, Facebook ranked first as the platform where users faced the highest number of…

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Zeinab Ismail • 27 Oct 2022

Lebanon: Telecom Devices Confiscated in Syrian Refugee Camps

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SMEX • 13 Sep 2022

Internet Shutdowns to Prevent Cheating During Exams: The Impact on Society and Economy in the MENA Region

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