Marianne Rahme • 30 Apr 2021

Google Cloud’s Data Center in KSA raises data privacy concerns in the region

In a decision to expand their global network with new cloud regions, Google announced in December 2020 that Google Cloud…

  • Business And Human Rights
  • Censorship
  • Data Centers
Tala Ramadan • 01 Apr 2021

Clubhouse: the popular audio-only app gets banned in MENA?

Launched around the initial lockdown phase in March 2020, Clubhouse has become a space for virtual audio hang-outs and more…

  • Audio
  • Censorship
  • Clubhouse
SMEX • 01 Feb 2021

Device Seizures in Lebanon: Assessing the Legal Framework concerning device seizures [Report]

We have witnessed in the last couple of years a striking increase in the number of devices seized by security…

  • Device Seizures in Lebanon
  • Digital Surveillance
  • E-Transactions and Personal Data Law
SMEX • 06 Oct 2020

Lebanon protests: Authorities prey on digital spaces to silence criticism

This article is a crosspost from Global Voices. Editor’s note: This article is part of UPROAR, a Small Media initiative…

  • Beirut
  • Digital Space
  • Freedom Of Expression
Abed Kataya • 28 Aug 2020

The TikTok Case: A New Platform to Oppress Women in Egypt

Egyptian authorities are arresting an increasing number of women on different charges related to their social media activity; in some…

  • Anti-Cyber and Information Technology Crimes Law
  • Digital Rights
  • Digital Rights
SMEX • 28 May 2019

Grindr Ban: Lebanese Courts Restrict LGBTQ+ Rights

A few weeks ago Ogero, the ministry of telecommunications operated internet service provider (ISP), blocked Grindr, a popular gay online…

  • Digital Rights
  • Freedom Of Expression
  • Grindr
SMEX • 01 Mar 2019

SMEX launches Muhal, its FoE-related case online database

On Wednesday, February 27, SMEX officially launched its online freedom of expression (FoE) case database, Muhal (, at its Masaha…

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  • Freedom Of Expression
  • Lebanon