SMEX • 12 Nov 2021

Libya’s New Cybercrime Law: Legislating Repression

On October 26, 2021, the Libyan House of Representatives passed the “Cybercrime Law,” one day after approving the “E-Transactions Law.”…

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SMEX • 22 Oct 2021

Invitation to a Press Conference: Freedom of expression and the media, and obstructing justice in the crime of the Beirut port explosion

Invitation to a Press Conference When: Tuesday, October 26, 2021, at 11 AM Venue: Antwork-Spears, Beirut   Freedom of expression…

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  • Coalition for the Independence of the Judiciary
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Omar Daouk • 27 Aug 2021

Authorities Silence Critics of Lebanon’s Economic Collapse

Amid an increasingly failing economy, worsening political uncertainty, and indefinite lockdowns, people took to social media to express their dismay…

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Sawsan Abo Alsondos • 24 Aug 2021

Jordan: Another Excuse for Controlling the Internet

It is estimated that more than 9.4 million people use the Internet in Jordan, according to the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission…

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SMEX • 22 Jun 2021

Egypt Sentences Tiktok Bloggers to Years in Prison

As part of a wave of arrests against women content creators in Egypt, the Cairo Criminal Court sentenced Haneen Hossam,…

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SMEX • 11 May 2021

Petition to #SavePalestinianVoices: Tech Companies Must Stop Silencing Palestinian Content

We demand Facebook and Twitter to immediately stop censoring Palestinian content, reinstate affected posts and accounts, and provide a clear and public explanation for the reasons why the content was removed.

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SMEX • 07 May 2021

Sheikh Jarrah: Facebook and Twitter systematically silencing protests, deleting evidence

Facebook and Twitter are systematically silencing users protesting and documenting the evictions of Palestinian families from their homes in the…

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