smexadmin • 13 Jul 2018

Digital Rights Roundup: Lebanese woman gets eights years in Egypt for video, Twitter bans 35 accounts at Israel’s request, and a 15 year old detained in Lebanon for WhatsApp story

Feature image Egypt today, July 2018: A screenshot from Mona el-Mazbouh’s apology video. A Lebanese tourist was sentenced to eight…

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smexadmin • 18 Jun 2018

Egyptian Parliament Passes Cybercrimes Law to Legitimize its Efforts to Curb Free Speech

Last week, the Egyptian parliament approved a draconian  also known as the Cybercrimes law, which compels Internet Service Providers (ISPs)…

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  • Egyptian Parliament
smexadmin • 01 Jun 2018

“Youtube Will Be the Biggest Website Banned in Egypt, But Not the First”

Feature image via Youtube: The image Youtube presents when a video is no longer available. On Saturday, Egypt’s Supreme Administrative…

  • Banning Websites
  • Egypt
  • Egypt’s Supreme Administrative Court
smexadmin • 25 May 2018

ZooPark: New Spyware Campaign Targets Android Users in the MENA

A targeted, albeit relatively unsophisticated, cyberespionage campaign with servers based in Iran has targeted the Android mobile devices of users…

  • Egypt
  • Hacking
  • Iran
smexadmin • 25 May 2018

A Weeklong Crackdown on Freedom of Expression in the Arab World

Feature image via Pixel. This week, authorities arrested journalists, bloggers, and human rights activists in Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Early…

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  • Freedom Of Speech
  • Human Rights Activists
smexadmin • 21 Mar 2018

Uber Ordered to Stop Operations in Egypt, Its Largest and Fastest-Growing Middle East Market

Feature image via Wikimedia Egypt, June 17, 2011: Commons A taxi in Alexandria. Almost exactly one month after Uber suspended…

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  • Egypt
  • Egyptian security services
smexadmin • 16 Mar 2018

A Busy Week for Information Control in Egypt: Fake News Hotlines and Apparently the Government Is Building the New Facebook?

On Monday, multiple agencies within the Egyptian government announced pernicious, albeit unconventional, methods of information control ahead of this weekend’s…

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