SMEX • 06 Jul 2023

SMEX-Cyrilla Workshop: Mapping Internet Laws in WANA

“Mapping Internet Laws” is a three-day workshop hosted by SMEX, in collaboration with Cyrilla, to deepen participants’ understanding of the…

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  • Digital Laws
SMEX • 12 Jun 2023

The CYRILLA Collaborative: Call for Proposals

OVERVIEW OF THE CYRILLA COLLABORATIVE The CYRILLA Collaborative is a global initiative that seeks to map and analyze the evolution…

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  • Call for Proposals
SMEX • 15 Feb 2021

Data Protection and Privacy Laws In MENA: A Case Study Of Covid-19 Contact Tracing Apps [Report]

This report analyzes data protection and privacy laws in Qatar, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, and Kuwait. Joey Shea, a…

  • Bahrain
  • Contact Tracing
  • Contact Tracing Apps