SMEX • 29 Nov 2023

eSIMs in Gaza: An Imperfect and Potentially Dangerous Alternative

Gaza has been through at least four near-total communication blackouts since October 7. The latest internet blackout, on November 16,…

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Ali Sibai • 10 Nov 2023

Palestine unplugged: how Israel disrupts Gaza’s internet

TABLE OF CONTENTS: Content note: The following post contains references to violence and war. Since October 9, the 2.3 million…

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Abed Kataya • 10 Mar 2023

Mauritania: The drawbacks of disrupting mobile internet after prisoners escape

Authorities in Mauritania have cut off mobile internet services since March 6, 2023, after four prisoners—classified as “terrorists” by the…

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  • Internet Shutdown
DR Lab • 17 Feb 2023

Radio in Sudan: (Not) a substitute for the internet

After 85 years of continuous broadcasting, BBC Arabic radio in Sudan finally went off the air on January 27, 2023….

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Waleed Ahmed • 26 Jul 2022

Will Sudan’s Telecom Sector Remain Under Military Control?

  • 25 October
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Mohammed Gamil • 12 Jul 2021

Sudan: No Internet Shutdown Can Cure Corruption [Opinion]

The first official exam leak in Sudan occurred in 2003, when mobile phone features were very limited and lacked camera…

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Ali Sibai • 22 Sep 2020

#NoExamShutdown: 4 MENA countries shut down the internet so far “to fight cheating”!

This year, governments in the Middle East and North Africa have continued to shut down and throttle the internet during…

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