Ahmed El-Affendi • 26 May 2022

Widespread Cynicism about Covid-19 Vaccines in Sudan

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Amjad Yaghi • 19 Oct 2020

How Does Palestinian Content Counter the Bias of Social Media Companies?

Palestinian journalist Hani Al-Shaer was not surprised when his Facebook account was deleted for the tenth time during the past…

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smexadmin • 26 Jul 2018

New Elections Study Shows Less than 2% of Overall Electoral Speech on Social Media Was Negative

 Feature image April 2018: A screenshot of the API used to track social media posts. SMEX and LADE collaborated to…

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smexadmin • 07 Nov 2016

Civil Society Statement: Voluntary Agreements between Israel and Social Media Companies Threaten Free Expression

Feature image via https://www.facebook.com/FaceBCensorsPalestine : a Facebook Page that protests the Israel-Facebook agreement. SIGN THE STATEMENT In early September, the…

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smexadmin • 14 Jan 2016

A New App Allows Posting Securely and Anonymously on Social Media

Feature image: Twitter users with the Chrome extension will be informed that a post is authenticated through a green frame…

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smexadmin • 24 Nov 2015

New Site Tracks Global Online Censorship by Social Media Platforms

As it happens, governments, like Lebanon’s, are not the only ones censoring online expression. Internet companies, including Facebook, Twitter, and…

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smexadmin • 22 Sep 2015

Digital Citizen 3.7

Fetaure image via Marcie Casas, CC by 2.0 Digital Citizen is a biweekly review of news, policy, and research on…

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