Tala Ramadan • 01 Apr 2021

Clubhouse: the popular audio-only app gets banned in MENA?

Launched around the initial lockdown phase in March 2020, Clubhouse has become a space for virtual audio hang-outs and more…

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SMEX • 19 Mar 2021

How Can Humanitarian Organisations Support Crisis-affected Communities Online? [Bread&Net 2020 Session]

In this #BreadandNet 2020 session, Sacha Robehmed from International Rescue Committee (IRC) discusses the role of online platforms in connecting…

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Abed Kataya • 07 Apr 2020

What the Lebanese government can do to respect users’ privacy while fighting Covid-19?

As the Covid-19 virus continues to spread across the world, governments are adopting surveillance measures to track patients, raising privacy…

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SMEX • 24 Mar 2020

Zoom does not respect users’ privacy!

With the spread of COVID-19, many firms, organizations, and universities have adopted work from home policies and more people than…

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SMEX • 16 Jan 2019

A Few Tips to Detect Phishing Links

Over the past year, we have witnessed an increase in the number of phishing campaigns in Lebanon and amongst the…

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smexadmin • 14 Jan 2016

A New App Allows Posting Securely and Anonymously on Social Media

Feature image: Twitter users with the Chrome extension will be informed that a post is authenticated through a green frame…

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