smexadmin • 17 Sep 2015

Lebanon Premiere of CITIZENFOUR Draws more than 150 Attendees and Generates Discussion on Local Surveillance

Feature image: CITIZENFOUR with Arabic subtitles. Last week, SMEX hosted, in collaboration with Ashkal Alwan, the Lebanon premiere of the Laura Poitras documentary…

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smexadmin • 10 Sep 2015

Lebanon: It’s time to turn your international position on privacy into action at the national level

Lebanon was part of the drafting committee for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and by co-sponsoring both UN General…

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smexadmin • 03 Sep 2015

Alfa and Touch Boost Coverage at August 29 Protest

Feature image: The night before the protest, Alfa and Touch added more coverage. After having trouble accessing mobile networks during…

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smexadmin • 31 Aug 2015

CITIZENFOUR: Movie Premiere in Lebanon

SMEX in collaboration with Ashkal Alwan gladly announce the Lebanese premiere of the documentary “Citizenfour“. The event will be held on…

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smexadmin • 26 Mar 2015

Mapping blocked websites in Lebanon 2015

Feature image via: We published last year about blocked websites in Lebanon, you can check the old data base here. This…

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smexadmin • 27 Nov 2014

Civil Society Groups Issue Statement at the Arab IGF

We are a group of more than 40 civil society organizations, activists, academics, technologists, and human rights advocates who work…

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smexadmin • 17 Apr 2013

Find Ali: A Crowdmapping Initiative to Help the Homeless in Lebanon

Forty days after the death of Ali Abdallah, a homeless man in Lebanon, Karim Badra launched a social media campaign…

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