Mubarak al Yosofy • 27 Oct 2020

Access to Internet in Yemen: A Constant Struggle

Rim Talal, a student at the Faculty of Computer and Information Technology, was unable to attend her online courses at…

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Waleed Ahmed • 06 Jul 2020

Mapping the telecom outages in Lebanon

Report any telecommunications outage that happens in Lebanon by filling out this form. We will use this information to update…

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SMEX • 18 Oct 2019

Lebanon Protests: How To Communicate Securely in Case of a Network Disruption

Lebanon witnessed protests in Beirut and a number of other cities because of the tough living situation, and with the…

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SMEX • 28 Jun 2019

Social Responsibility Is A Business Matter: A Guide For Tech SMEs In Lebanon

In Lebanon, telcos and major tech companies tend to impact users’ privacy and freedom of expression. A 2018 SMEX report…

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