Zeinab Ismail • 03 Aug 2023

More Control: Iraq’s Alarming Cybercrime Law

Days after the Jordanian parliament approved a cybercrime law with disastrous implications for free speech, Iraq put forth its own…

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Zeinab Ismail • 25 Jul 2023

Jordan: Draft Cybercrime Law Heralds Alarming Oppression of Freedoms

SMEX, along with the Jordan Open Source Association (JOSA), Access Now, and 19 other organizations, call on the Jordanian government…

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Rafia Salameh • 07 Jul 2022

Legalizing Control of Personal Data and Online Discourse in Syria

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  • Cybercrime Law
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Safaa Ayyad • 06 Jul 2022

Iraqi Cybercrime Draft Law: In Suspension 

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  • Cybercrime Law
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SMEX • 12 Nov 2021

Libya’s New Cybercrime Law: Legislating Repression

On October 26, 2021, the Libyan House of Representatives passed the “Cybercrime Law,” one day after approving the “E-Transactions Law.”…

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  • Cybercrime Law
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smexadmin • 14 Jul 2017

Limiting Palestinian Free Speech Online is no Solution to Cybercrime

Palestinian human rights and civil society organizations have called for a freeze on the recently publicized cybercrime law that was…

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smexadmin • 16 May 2016

Egypt: Death Penalty Possible for Cybercrime

Feature image via Monasosh Flickr.       The Committee of Suggestions and Complaints in the Egyptian parliament accepted and…

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