smexadmin • 06 May 2009

Workshop: Kiva, Online Media Creativity Workshop, OTI

Often SMEX comes across excellent opportunities for employment, fellowships, funding, and training. Some are local, others regional, and still others…

smexadmin • 05 May 2009

Process Notes

One of the things that I wished we had done during our project last year was to take better notes…

smexadmin • 01 May 2009

SMEX Launches a Six-Month Project to Train Trainers in Social Media for Peacebuilding and Youth Empowerment

On May 1, SMEX officially launched its follow-on activities to last year’s series of seminars and workshops that covered Web…

SMEX • 30 Apr 2009

يوتوب يتورط في السياسة اللبنانية

من الصعب القول ٱن الانترنت هو مخصص فقط لبعض الاختصاصات بل اصبح وسيلة لتغيير كل الٱعمال و بشكل خاص السياسية…

smexadmin • 29 Apr 2009

What Will You Do with Message, Mobiles, or Security in-a-box?

Tactical Technology Collective is one of the organizations SMEX looks to when developing our programs, workshops, and materials. The UK–based…

smexadmin • 24 Apr 2009

Spring Cleaning, and Getting Ready to Relaunch SMEX

Startups by definition are disorganized and always trying to catch up with their vision. Social Media Exchange is no exception….

smexadmin • 26 Jan 2009

Funding and Other Opportunities

In addition to offering training and consulting, Social Media Exchange wants to be a connector for civil society organizations based…