Tweetup Against Sexual Harassment in Lebanon

Nasawiya's Salwa character

In conjunction with Nasawiya, the Beirut-based women’s advocacy group, SMEXbeirut and MADskills are organizing a Tweetup to raise awareness about sexual harassment in Lebanon. The event will take place Monday, July 18th, from 7 to 9 pm at Tawlet restaurant in Beirut. We invite all who wish to combat sexual harassment in Lebanon to join us for this exciting event. Additional details are available on the Facebook event page.
Nasawiya, a self-described “collective of feminist activists,” engages their community through a number of initiatives, many of which employ social media (see their Facebook and Twitter accounts). This Tweetup will serve to promote Nasawiya’s innovative “Adventures of Salwa” campaign. Nasawiya created their Salwa character, a “typical Lebanese girl,” to help guide women through the various uncomfortable and threatening situations involving sexual harassment that they may encounter on a daily basis. Check out Salwa’s blog and Facebook page for more information about the campaign.


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