Zeinab Ismail • 20 Mar 2024

Saudi Authorities Monopolize Media and Advertising Discourse “by Law”

Through global forums and media, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been keen on spreading progressive discourse in an effort…

Zeinab Ismail • 23 Feb 2024

Meta Contemplates Banning the Use of the Term “Zionist”

Laying the Ground for Further Repression of Palestine’s Supporters 73 civil society organizations, including SMEX, have urged Meta to reverse…

Metehan Durmaz • 22 Feb 2024

Kuwait’s cybercrime law extends censorship to the online realm

Following the waves of protests in the 2010s, both in the region and throughout the world, from Africa to South…

Madleine Balesi • 28 Dec 2023

“Too Bossy”: Understanding Gender Biases in STEM

Across history, we’ve observed how gender bias in STEM fields is mirrored in outcomes lacking precise data on women. For…

Zeinab Ismail • 30 Nov 2023

COP28 in Dubai: Participants’ Safety in Jeopardy Given Country’s Record

Last June, it was reported that the UAE’s national oil company read emails to and from the COP28 climate summit…

Madleine Balesi • 16 Nov 2023

Beware of Phishing Scams Targeting Page Admins!

With the ongoing war on Gaza since October 7, censorship, shadowbanning, and other new measures applied by tech companies, we…

Safaa Ayyad • 14 Nov 2023

Telecommunications Sector Emergency Plan in Lebanon: Satellite Solutions over Realistic Options

Lebanese Minister of Communications, Johnny Corm, and subsequently by Prime Minister Najib Mikati, expressed their eagerness about finalizing a deal…

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