Enas Kamal • 31 Aug 2023

Feminist Content Creators in Egypt: Digital Violence Unbound by Law or Customs

Content that advocates for women’s rights and champions feminist ideas is often met with violent digital attacks in Egypt. These…

  • Egypt
  • Freedom of Expression
Safaa Ayyad • 30 Aug 2023

Arrested Humor: Nour Hajjar’s Case

Lebanon’s crackdown on freedom of opinion and expression shows no signs of abating. From journalists, activists, and even lawyers, the…

  • Freedom of Expression
  • Freedom Of Speech
  • Ghassab Oueidat
Safaa Ayyad • 28 Mar 2023

Iraq: New Draft Law Threatens Freedoms and Violates Constitution

The new Iraqi draft law on freedom of expression, assembly, and peaceful demonstration is under scrutiny for possible violations of…

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