Abdellatif el-Hamamouchi • 03 Jul 2023

Morocco: A Draft Criminal Law to Penalize Social Media Users

In January 2023, Moroccan Minister of Justice, Abdellatif Wehbe, announced introducing stricter penalties in the new criminal law draft to…

  • Criminal Law
  • Freedom Of Expression
  • Law No. 22.20
Abdellatif el-Hamamouchi • 21 Jun 2022

Morocco: “Legal” Restrictions on the Freedom of Expression

  • Criminal Law
  • Freedom of Expression
  • Morocco
Abdellatif el-Hamamouchi • 05 Apr 2022

Digital Censorship and Obstructing Access to Information in Morocco

  • Censorship
  • Freedom of speech
  • Morocco
Abdellatif el-Hamamouchi • 22 Feb 2022

Swarms of E-flies Terrorize Human Rights Defenders in Morocco

Weeks before his trial in December 2021, hundreds of anonymous Facebook accounts launched a large-scale defamation campaign against the former…

  • Morocco
  • الذباب الإلكتروني
  • حملات التشهير
Abdellatif el-Hamamouchi • 09 Feb 2021

Smear Campaigns and Extortions: Weapons to Silence Opposition in Morocco

The life of Moroccan police officer Wahiba Khourchech was turned upside down after exposing her boss for stalking and intimidation….

  • Digital Rights
  • dissent
  • dissidents
Abdellatif el-Hamamouchi • 25 Nov 2020

How Israeli Company NSO Hacked My Phone

Almost a year ago, on October 29, I received a WhatsApp notification informing me that Israeli spyware Pegasus had hacked…

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