Abed Kataya • 02 Feb 2023

Who Inspects the Central Inspection Platforms in Lebanon?

When the Lebanese Central Inspection launched the IMPACT platform, it resolved one issue but gave rise to another. While IMPACT…

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Abed Kataya • 03 Mar 2022

Lebanon: SMEX Demands a New Privacy Law

We appreciate the Lebanese Central Inspection’s efforts to seriously consider and respond to inquiries by SMEX and other organizations regarding…

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SMEX • 01 Feb 2022

LEBANON: Is the New Passport Renewal Platform Safe for your Data?

In a response to SMEX’s questions on Thursday (January 27), the Lebanese General Security claimed that personal data on the…

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SMEX • 28 Jan 2022

DAEM, a “Social Safety Net” or a Data Collection Net?

In September 2021, the Ministry of Social Affairs and IMPACT, the Central Inspection’s e-governance platform, launched DAEM, a program that…

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SMEX • 09 Nov 2021

The National Poverty Targeting Program Risks Lebanese Citizens’ Data

As our mission is to protect Lebanese citizens’ right to digital privacy, we ran a technical security and privacy analysis…

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SMEX • 09 Sep 2021

Is Lebanese citizens’ data safe on IMPACT’s platforms?

Update: IMPACT responded to the concerns raised in this article with some clarifications about some of the mentioned points. In…

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Ragheb Ghandour • 09 Jul 2021

Lebanon: Your Data is Not Secure on MoPH’s GrabAJab Platform

Update— IMPACT responded to our concerns by suspending Grabajab’s access to patients’ data pending the resolution of security issues. Nonetheless,…

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