Safaa Ayyad • 16 May 2023

Does Blocking ‘Bolt’ in Lebanon Serve the Interests of Drivers or Monopolists?

“My only option is to use Bolt’s motorbike service, both to avoid traffic and for the low ride fare,” Tima,…

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SMEX • 07 Aug 2019

From Factories To Apps: Capitalism Keeps Revolutionizing The Way We Live, Socialize, And Work.

This article has also appeared on MIT Enterprise Forum Pan Arab’s website. Arrived at Toronto union station on a cold…

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SMEX • 01 Apr 2019

Uber buys Careem: What does that mean to us as consumers?

On Tuesday, Uber announced that it acquired Careem, the sole competitor in the Middle East, for $ 3.1 billion. $…

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smexadmin • 20 Apr 2018

Unavailability of Uber’s Anonymized Calling Feature in Lebanon Puts Riders At Risk

Feature image April 20, 2018: A screenshot from the Uber application.  In Lebanon, Uber still makes it possible for drivers…

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smexadmin • 21 Mar 2018

Uber Ordered to Stop Operations in Egypt, Its Largest and Fastest-Growing Middle East Market

Feature image via Wikimedia Egypt, June 17, 2011: Commons A taxi in Alexandria. Almost exactly one month after Uber suspended…

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