SMEX • 26 Oct 2023

Tainted Narratives: Tech Giants Harming Users in War Time

This article was first published by TIMEP and written by Mona Shtaya. Tech companies have generally failed in protecting people…

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SMEX • 25 May 2023

Jordan: How are users affected by the TikTok ban?

This article was originally published on 7iber in Arabic. SMEX provides this translation.  Social media platforms and other communication services…

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Zeinab Ismail • 24 Apr 2023

Libya: Between Censoring Social Media and Restricting Online Discourse

In recent years, Libya has experienced recurring waves of attacks and criticisms targeting social media platforms. Some have framed their…

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SMEX • 22 Jun 2021

Egypt Sentences Tiktok Bloggers to Years in Prison

As part of a wave of arrests against women content creators in Egypt, the Cairo Criminal Court sentenced Haneen Hossam,…

  • Anti-Cyber and Information Technology Crimes Law
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Abed Kataya • 28 Aug 2020

The TikTok Case: A New Platform to Oppress Women in Egypt

Egyptian authorities are arresting an increasing number of women on different charges related to their social media activity; in some…

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