Zeinab Ismail • 10 Jan 2023

The Dark Side of AI-Generated Images

With the click of a button, you can become a character in the Marvel universe, get transported to the surface…

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Abed Kataya • 26 Oct 2021

Referring Telecom Data to Security Agencies Breaches the Lebanese Law

On October 4, Lebanese Annahar Daily reported that the latest Lebanese Prime Minister formed a ministerial committee to “look into…

  • data traffic
  • E-Transactions and Personal Data Law
  • handing over data to authorities
Abed Kataya • 25 Apr 2019

Dear Careem, Stop Sharing Riders’ Personal Information with Drivers

It was recently revealed that Careem, the Emirati-based ride hailing company, recently purchased by Uber, routinely shares riders’ full names…

  • Careem
  • Digital Rights
  • Lebanon
SMEX • 31 Jan 2019

Recent Defacing attacks in Lebanon: causes and cures

On Tuesday, many people noticed the official website of Rafic Hariri Airport had a different landing page. A group calling…

  • Defacement Attack
  • Digital Rights
  • Lebanon
Azza El Masri • 30 Jan 2019

How can women protect themselves online?

This article was written in collaboration with Raseef22 and published first on Raseef22.com. Consider your mobile phone’s photo gallery for…

  • Data Protection
  • Digital Rights
  • Right To Privacy
Abed Kataya • 25 Jan 2019

Data Privacy Day: A reminder to start protecting your data and yourself

Happy Data Privacy Day! More than half of the world is now online. Companies are collecting, leveraging, and monetizing our…

  • Data Privacy Day
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  • Digital Rights
SMEX • 16 Jan 2019

A Few Tips to Detect Phishing Links

Over the past year, we have witnessed an increase in the number of phishing campaigns in Lebanon and amongst the…

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