smexadmin • 06 Apr 2018

Lebanese Embassies Expose the Personal Data of Registered Voters Living Abroad

Ahead of the May 6 parliamentary elections, Lebanese embassies abroad have exposed the personal data of Lebanese citizens living abroad,…

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smexadmin • 05 Oct 2017

Building Trust: Toward a Legal Framework that Protects Personal Data in Lebanon [Report]

[box]To read or download the report, find it at the bottom of the page. We also held a panel discussion…

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smexadmin • 13 Jun 2016

2000 Eyes to Surveil Beirut by Year’s End

Feature image via          By the end of 2016, Beirutis’ driving and other public activities will…

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smexadmin • 14 Jan 2016

A New App Allows Posting Securely and Anonymously on Social Media

Feature image: Twitter users with the Chrome extension will be informed that a post is authenticated through a green frame…

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