Safaa Ayyad • 05 Jun 2023

Summons to Intimidate Activists in Mount Lebanon

“The investigator tried to take the investigation in a different direction. Our phones were taken away and their data was…

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Omar Daouk • 27 Aug 2021

Authorities Silence Critics of Lebanon’s Economic Collapse

Amid an increasingly failing economy, worsening political uncertainty, and indefinite lockdowns, people took to social media to express their dismay…

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Marianne Rahme • 12 Mar 2021

Internet Censorship in Lebanon: The Case of Currency Exchange Rate Online Platforms

As the Lebanese economy continues to deteriorate, the unofficial exchange rate between the dollar and the lira, officially pegged at…

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SMEX • 30 Oct 2020

One Year After October 17 Uprising in Lebanon: Summons and Arrests for Online Speech Increase

One Year Since the October 17 Uprising in Lebanon: Summons and Arrests for Online Speech It’s been one year since…

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SMEX • 06 Oct 2020

Lebanon protests: Authorities prey on digital spaces to silence criticism

This article is a crosspost from Global Voices. Editor’s note: This article is part of UPROAR, a Small Media initiative…

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SMEX • 27 Nov 2019

New Report: ”Analyzing Freedom of Expression in Lebanon in 2018”

Over the past four years, Lebanon has witnessed a crackdown against freedom of expression online. The state has penalized citizens,…

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  • Freedom of speech
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SMEX • 01 Mar 2019

SMEX launches Muhal, its FoE-related case online database

On Wednesday, February 27, SMEX officially launched its online freedom of expression (FoE) case database, Muhal (, at its Masaha…

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