Abed Kataya • 23 Jan 2024

Attacks on Lebanon’s government websites continue: to implement protective standards immediately

“We are ROOTK1T! Proudly declare our triumph over the Ministry of Social Affairs website in Lebanon,” announced a hacking group…

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Abed Kataya • 10 Jan 2024

How Did Hackers Hijack Beirut Airport’s Screens?

SMEX urges the Lebanese government and relevant authorities to undertake a transparent investigation to identify the party responsible for the…

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  • Protecting Data
Safaa Ayyad • 08 Dec 2023

Lebanon: Legislators Insist on Criminalizing Journalists in New Media Law

Controversial, daunting, and disconcerting for journalists: this is the essence of the proposed media law in Lebanon under consideration in…

  • Freedom of Expression
  • Journalism
  • Lebanon
Safaa Ayyad • 14 Nov 2023

Telecommunications Sector Emergency Plan in Lebanon: Satellite Solutions over Realistic Options

Lebanese Minister of Communications, Johnny Corm, and subsequently by Prime Minister Najib Mikati, expressed their eagerness about finalizing a deal…

  • Internet
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  • Starlink
Safaa Ayyad • 30 Aug 2023

Arrested Humor: Nour Hajjar’s Case

Lebanon’s crackdown on freedom of opinion and expression shows no signs of abating. From journalists, activists, and even lawyers, the…

  • Freedom of Expression
  • Freedom Of Speech
  • Ghassab Oueidat
Safaa Ayyad • 14 Aug 2023

Ogero Enacts Increases in Fixed Internet Subscription Rates in Lebanon: Exploring Sustainable Solutions

Before the Lebanese government endorsed Ogero’s seven-fold price hikes, journalist Ali Noureddine found himself at the mercy of his local…

  • Alfa
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Abed Kataya • 04 Jul 2023

Lebanon: Internet Providers Beat Ogero to Price Hike

Internet service providers are planning to increase end-user subscriptions from around USD 10 to USD 25 for a 5 Mb-speed…

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