smexadmin • 20 Jan 2018

Beirut-Based Global Cyber-Espionage Campaign a Threat to Local Freedoms

 Feature image via the Dark Caracal technical report: revealing the researchers’ observed locations of compromised devices.   A major cyber-espionage campaign…

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Lara Bitar • 06 Dec 2017

#GenderTech Confronts Gender-Based Violence in MENA

   Feature image viaOxfam/The Media Booth,  November 24, 2017, Beirut, Lebanon: Arab feminists discuss how to counter online violence.   Is…

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smexadmin • 23 Nov 2016

Join SMEX and LUSH in the Fight Against Internet Shutdowns

 Feature image via Every voice helps, add yours now! The Internet keeps you connected, so help us #KeepItOn! Every night…

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smexadmin • 20 May 2016

Maroc Telecom Blocks Online Games?

Feature image via Maroc Telecom Facebook page.       In less than 24 hours, an online petition urging Maroc…

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smexadmin • 02 May 2016

"Press Freedom": Tasharuk's Theme in May

Feature image via       Every year on May 3, the world celebrates World Press Freedom Day. The…

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smexadmin • 17 Apr 2013

Find Ali: A Crowdmapping Initiative to Help the Homeless in Lebanon

Forty days after the death of Ali Abdallah, a homeless man in Lebanon, Karim Badra launched a social media campaign…

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