Aseel Sariyah • 18 Apr 2024

Yemenis Complain about Sharing Phone Numbers with Strangers

“Why is your daughter sharing her pictures via WhatsApp?” a question directed by an employee of the YOU- Yemen Oman…

  • Mobile
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  • Privacy
SMEX • 16 Aug 2022

Billions in Squandered Funds: Court of Audit Report on the Telecom Sector in Lebanon

  • Audit Bureau
  • Corruption
  • Lebanon
Waleed Ahmed • 26 Jul 2022

Will Sudan’s Telecom Sector Remain Under Military Control?

  • 25 October
  • Freedom of Expression
  • Internet Shutdown
SMEX • 12 Nov 2020

Military-Controlled Telecom Sector and Internet Shutdowns in Sudan

Sudanese authorities suspended internet services across the country last September, under the pretext of preventing cheating during the Secondary Education…

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  • Internet Shutdown