DR Lab • 21 Dec 2022

Sudan: “Men with no Mercy” now Armed with EU-linked Spyware

The Rapid Support Forces (RSF)—a paramilitary group in Sudan accused of committing crimes against humanity— imported the “Predator” spyware developed…

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  • Intellexa
SMEX • 24 Jan 2022

SMEX Launches Forensic Analysis Unit

Israeli spyware firm, NSO Group, has become a threat for human rights defenders everywhere, and in the MENA specifically, where…

  • Forensic Analysis Unit
  • Human Rights Defenders
  • SMEX Technology Unit
SMEX • 19 Jul 2021

How to Protect Your Data from Israeli NSO’s Surveillance Attacks?

A recent security leak revealed that Israeli NSO Group’s malware has targeted around 50,000 devices worldwide, including those of journalists…

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  • Emirates
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SMEX • 20 Feb 2019

Security Heaven, Privacy Hell: Lebanese Telcos Introduce Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)

On Monday, Lebanese daily Al-Akhbar revealed that touch, one of the two mobile operators in Lebanon, is considering purchasing DPI…

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