smexadmin • 24 Jan 2018

Human Rights Organizations Call for Investigation Into Arbitrary Surveillance Program in Lebanon

Feature image via Bryce Durbin/TechCrunch: A large watchful eye observes as three laptops display information on their screens.  (Beirut) –…

  • Arbitrary Surveillance Program
  • Freedom Of Expression
  • Human Rights Organizations
smexadmin • 22 Jan 2018

Shawarma, Baklava, and Digital Rights Law: Reflections from a Community Workshop on Digital Rights Legal Data at the 2017 Internet Governance Forum

Feature image via SMEX,Geneva, December 19, 2017: SMEX Executive Co-Director Jessica Dheere welcomes participants to our interactive workshop on data,…

  • 2017 Internet Governance Forum
  • Arab Region
  • Citizens' Digital Rights
smexadmin • 20 Jan 2018

Beirut-Based Global Cyber-Espionage Campaign a Threat to Local Freedoms

 Feature image via the Dark Caracal technical report: revealing the researchers’ observed locations of compromised devices.   A major cyber-espionage campaign…

  • Arab Countries
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  • Cyber- Espionage Campaign
Lara Bitar • 18 Dec 2017

A Brief History of Personal Data Collection in Lebanon

In December 2017, the Lebanese Ministry of Telecommunications, headed by Minister Jamal Jarrah, started taking steps to mandate biometric registration…

  • Data Collection
  • Data Protection
  • Lebanese Ministry Of Telecommunications
smexadmin • 14 Dec 2016

SMEX Launches Inaugural Report on Digital Surveillance in Lebanon

  In the absence of a comprehensive constitutional framework on privacy rights and data protection in Lebanon and amid a…

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  • Lebanon
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smexadmin • 23 Nov 2015

Are Alfa and Touch violating user rights by imposing the national anthem ringing tone?

Last Friday, the Lebanese population woke up to the Lebanese national anthem as the new ringing tone for both national…

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  • National Anthem Ringing Tone