Ragheb Malli • 23 Sep 2022

Libya: Online Voices Silenced with Violence

  • Communications Shutdown
  • Digital Rights
  • Freedom of speech
SMEX • 22 Jun 2022

Google is Moving Forward with its Data Center in KSA

  • Alphabet
  • Google
  • Google Cloud
SMEX • 14 Apr 2021

Pharmaline: Do Not Use Vaccine-Seekers Data for Commercial Purposes!

SMEX calls upon public bodies and private companies to respect the privacy of vaccine-seekers and to abide by the laws…

  • Corona
  • Coronavirus
  • E-Transactions and Personal Data Law
Waleed Ahmed • 09 Apr 2021

Public Engagement on Drones-Related Order in Tunis: A Promising Initiative

  On February 16, the Tunisian Minister of Transport and Logistics, Moez Chakchouk, announced the launch of public consultations on…

  • authorization
  • civic engagement
  • drones
SMEX • 21 Apr 2020

Mapping surveillance cameras in Beirut on OpenStreetMap

Surveillance cameras are spread in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, with unparalleled chaos. While the responsibility of who manages the data…

  • Cameras
  • Open source
  • Open Street Maps
smexadmin • 26 Jan 2018

Security Tips in the Wake of the “Dark Caracal” Report

On January 18, researchers at the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and security company Lookout published a report uncovering a global…

  • Beirut
  • Digital Security
  • Electronic Frontier Foundation