Yasser Fawzy • 14 Apr 2022

When Data Collection Becomes a Threat

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SMEX • 13 Dec 2021

Jawaker Needs to Improve its Privacy Policy

Jawaker, a card game application popular in Arabic-speaking countries, has been recently sold to the Swedish company Stillfront. It would…

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  • GDPR
Marianne Rahme • 30 Apr 2021

Google Cloud’s Data Center in KSA raises data privacy concerns in the region

In a decision to expand their global network with new cloud regions, Google announced in December 2020 that Google Cloud…

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  • Censorship
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SMEX • 01 Feb 2021

Device Seizures in Lebanon: Assessing the Legal Framework concerning device seizures [Report]

We have witnessed in the last couple of years a striking increase in the number of devices seized by security…

  • Device Seizures in Lebanon
  • Digital Surveillance
  • E-Transactions and Personal Data Law
Abed Kataya • 11 Jan 2021

A New (Non-)Privacy Policy from WhatsApp? [A comparison between messaging applications]

Tech and media companies are exploiting free, popular apps to increase their access to  personal data; and WhatsApp has just…

  • Apps security
  • Digital Rights
  • Digital Rights
Majd Al-Shihabi • 03 Sep 2020

How To Open Your Data: SMEX Is Here To Help

In the wake of the August 4th explosion in Beirut, there was a significant response from civil society trying to…

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smexadmin • 02 Aug 2018

Ministry of Information Application Threatens Citizens’ Privacy

 Feature image via national news agency, June 2018: Minister of information Melham Riachy launching the Eye Police Application . Eye…

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