SMEX • 12 Jul 2023

Down for Nothing? Shutdowns during Exams in the Middle East and North Africa [Bread&Net 2022]

The session “Down for Nothing? Shutdowns during Exams in the Middle East and North Africa” was held as part of…

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Zeinab Ismail • 23 May 2023

Syria: Internet shutdowns planned despite promises to keep it on

Yesterday, news spread on social media about the intention of the Syrian authorities to cut off internet services in conjunction…

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Zeinab Ismail • 19 Jan 2023

Beyond Jordan’s TikTok Ban

TikTok is still banned in Jordan, a month after the government blocked the platform to limit the spread of live…

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SMEX • 13 Sep 2022

Internet Shutdowns to Prevent Cheating During Exams: The Impact on Society and Economy in the MENA Region

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SMEX • 13 Jul 2022

Alternatives to Internet Shutdowns during Exams

Internet shutdowns do not prevent cheating in exams. They are ineffective and costly. This blogpost explains why this is the…

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SMEX • 21 Jun 2022

Internet Shutdowns and their Impact on Society

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Mubarak al Yosofy • 20 Sep 2021

Yemen: The Race for Censorship

As the war in Yemen rages on, and while the country is witnessing the world’s worst humanitarian crisis according to…

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