Mohammed Gamil • 12 Jul 2021

Sudan: No Internet Shutdown Can Cure Corruption [Opinion]

The first official exam leak in Sudan occurred in 2003, when mobile phone features were very limited and lacked camera…

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Ali Sibai • 03 Jun 2021

Another internet blackout in Syria during exams

In recent years, internet outages in Syria have become a familiar, dystopian tradition during the Official High School Exams. The…

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Ali Sibai • 28 May 2021

Israeli Airstrikes Destroyed Internet Infrastructure in Gaza [Report]

When Israeli settlers and the police forces invaded Sheikh Jarrah, Palestinian activists and citizens took it to social media to…

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SMEX • 12 Nov 2020

Military-Controlled Telecom Sector and Internet Shutdowns in Sudan

Sudanese authorities suspended internet services across the country last September, under the pretext of preventing cheating during the Secondary Education…

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Mubarak al Yosofy • 27 Oct 2020

Access to Internet in Yemen: A Constant Struggle

Rim Talal, a student at the Faculty of Computer and Information Technology, was unable to attend her online courses at…

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Ali Sibai • 22 Sep 2020

#NoExamShutdown: 4 MENA countries shut down the internet so far “to fight cheating”!

This year, governments in the Middle East and North Africa have continued to shut down and throttle the internet during…

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Abed Kataya • 06 Jul 2020

Mapping the telecom outages in Lebanon

Report any telecommunications outage that happens in Lebanon by filling out this form. We will use this information to update…

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