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Internet in Lebanon Remains “Partly Free”

In collaboration with Freedom House, SMEX assessed internet freedom in Lebanon as part of the organization’s Freedom on the Net 2018 Report. Lebanon’s “Internet Freedom Score” increased from 46 in 2017 to 47 in 2018, signifying that the environment for internet freedom became slightly more repressive. The country still remains “partly free,” according to Freedom […]

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A New Internet Service Provider in Yemen: new division or additional service for users?

Yemen’s internet has become increasingly unstable due to the war and the country’s fragmentation. Indeed, the country has witnessed frequent internet shutdowns and interruptions and the warring parties have blocked many websites, violating Yemenis’ rights to freedom of expression and access to information and threatening the already fragile state of press freedom. Until recently, Yemen […]

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Telecommunication draft law Jordan

New Draft Law Threatens Jordanian Internet Freedom

http://punchingnungroup.com/verticals/telecommunication/ Jordan is taking new steps toward limiting Internet freedom, according to the blogger Tarakiyee. Tarakiyee expressed his frustration with a new telecommunication draft law, citing the anticipated effect of one article in particular: According to the law draft, article 6 (b) gives the government sweeping powers to dictate guidelines that censor entire categories of websites if they wish. […]

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Cyber Crime Law in Iraq Revoked

Good news from Iraq! A recently released document shows that on January 22, 2013, a request was made by the parliamentary Culture and Media Committee—and approved by the Speaker of the House—to revoke the Cyber Crime Law. The draft law threatened Internet freedoms by criminalizing certain types of speech and proscribing disproportionate punishments, including life […]

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